Established in 2016, Bao Selecta specialise in Taiwanese street food.

Baos are fluffy steamed buns, generously loaded with a range of fillings and dressings.

Succulent pork belly, Szechuan fried chicken and beef menchi katsu are meaty bao favourites, whereas tofu fish (tofish), crispy vegan beef and meaty jackfruit are some popular amongst the plant based crowd.

As well as bao buns, the Bao Selecta street food repertoire also includes juicy “Three Cup Chicken” (San Bei Ji), rich Taiwanese pork stew (Lu Ro Fan), Taiwanese bento boxes, satay chicken/vegan chicken thighs, cashew marmalade tofu, all of which are all served with premium quality wholegrain rice and vibrant healthy salads.

There are many other main dishes, desserts, vegan plates, sides and salads, details of which are available upon request.

Our local greengrocer, Birds of Cardiff, provides fresh seasonal ingredients whenever available, all meats are British Red Tractor Farm assured as a minimum and eggs are always free range.